Perfiles TIC con más demanda en 2017

We have compiled a list of the ICT professional profiles that are most in demand in 2017, according to different sources. In this article we list some of them. In next news we will continue informing you,


In the IT sector, the most sought after profile will be Microsoft’s .Net software developer. «Due to the growth of Spain as a European center for software development, large corporations are relocating in our country to develop their software here. Within the different technologies, the most sought is undoubtedly the developer in Microsoft environment, «said Grupo Adecco.

More specifically, Spanish clients will mainly demand developers with a previous experience of 3 years in .Net, will value the work on C # and ASP.NET, or with SQL Server, and will be willing to pay an annual gross remuneration that will oscillate between the 32,000 and 42,000 euros, according to Adecco.

However, the most profited profile of the year for Spring Professional in the field of IT will be the consultant SAP. «Experts in different SAP modules, such as FI-CO, MM, PP or SD, among others, are highly qualified professionals who, depending on the project, have a high salary.» In the field of SAP, customers, especially large companies, will value a previous experience between 3 and 7 years as a consultant in the module demanded. In this area, the salaries to be paid will go from 45,000 to 80,000 euros per year.


In the telecommunication world, the most sought after profile will be the network engineer, the person in charge of ensuring that the company’s networks operate correctly, from installation to commissioning, administration and maintenance. Certifications like Cisco will continue to be highly valued for a position where salaries will move between 40,000 and 50,000 gross euros.

However, the most quoted by operators, telecommunication service firms or large corporations will be the security engineer, who will be responsible for safeguarding and protecting data and information in systems and ensure the continuity of operations to prevent possible computer attacks, provided In accordance with current legislation. In this area, candidates with a specific masters degree and 10 or more years of experience in style positions will be valuable. The salary will move between 50,000 and 90,000 euros.

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